There is an Invisible Black Orb
in My Mind Eye & Skull
A Black Flag Circles Around it

Eden .
Words rool in my mindeye thinkin of the years ī spent there loowsing all my fears of world finding love again in nothing like i was looking for. Wourlpitchin to the void in my soul at the back with a bome of this blood rum that flows like tears into my wood heart wit’h locks & keys tryin to find its bottomless black barrels of thought in’illuminated art’like sacred numbers impassible ton & hack myt’hym skull’s deadwurlef that roll & blade up into eyes like pattern’whisp’urlin awa’yintow blackholes of’themind i found insuch places like Eden. Wood floow the wild Psy’chēdellå flags that once wave’d for herïn and around the Orb in center as Eyes lookt out to ocean crashing into rock and loose in all i care or even gave a’reama’boutany. Years & years of neverwanted leave or live in the islands para’dice of bike & eyes shadowstar’ring inta nothfin, noth anyfeel’grip or blackhurt dont care to reember anymore Moons circålet glowReth Jung’lethoo’w my blade in wood carvinsoil and sou’langer norest of em who destory it •

I swearin Oath ifmy’th Worst Nightfair. I am Life & Death’interTruth passed throw’ & into the’reembå wit’hout not Ėnd for you. As I steal & seekseal ynever ends inTombs eternityblade & shinta to’throw kaïaway & otherlocks of yurh Purls intertwine’bludTears to Chase throuw’Black TimeLost Mare & Reign • To One Day Bee Able To Give To The Poor Eye Adore

Now in time ey’ebeem inwordspin for Yu’ten Rings for & Life May’Death own’harp sound the same, waitin for turn wonderin keys to push, left fin’density half circle dreamin unable to drive anymore in my visions with love like i used to. just blood morrows n deadmoons tear’fye & darkness and howlin at voidWit’sound part’h fragmentå of Time that still can connect part of itno dream left. ēmpty hearts spaces silence lost angels in my eyeslikem’own bottle that;rollaroun inTechå. SkullWood trap eyd’runk in’rhy’med to it fruth’suth’inown muse. lone. within. searchin for any ’whur’dth or tru thout or souls inside myCircles of Mind in Soul to know or meet sum’wurfy soulDemGem Never’Earth Empano Meduå Gold’emDon We toom to, & took our souls & hooks ver’tha Land’de’man Solace Other Sands for The Best Of’ Our Black Souls To bathe in Ri’ches of Ø’ldStars kinda fall in motion to wild landscapes where city’s once held souls And the drop from the sky in a web like drippin duthema thu’themDraws light and falls at the moment of maximum Hex where the largest amount of information is sealed in lost micro space that seems to hold tue’nth un sound & patterns that even megagravity doesn’t understand in these dark tunnels that it creates on entry

Diving to find lost locks to key my own destiny in mind scape for no other wretched mind to connect to it ever againRarely finding their symbols of love or symphony just my own ears ringin in Hell that I wanted to destroy. And finding and know these words that wear, never mine only time knew that ends of book in my soul might one write into Own flunda taps in blood lick & liquidity of blune n doomI just left them all beyond the end in my mind desparaaa never waitin anymore to thinkof there useless ricin. Paths in lost eternity. Never want wanting to hear the real voice in my blak tapes again unless fed to my soul by d’earth’s Own Dead pages to make me cry in love again, bringing silence or wild noise to my heart lost zen as it reach out to her in fear of sometime that might make sense to anything again ... and it happens occasionally bæbė but’fluke & Rare. Like the Lovers Death. - ᴏғ ᴅɪᴄᴇ I ain’t Velvå’feltNvines warped magic’in b’twine blood nfork ends my heart n/a looong flute tume. Heal like’foot. Łost in a techBlqkDungon if hate could actually word together the lost spirit that has been stolen by these corporations that somehow seem to still tick & tock lik’myth • & ink blqk box for em’p

While my own life & death manifest starts to slowly sink their paradigms next & into deep webs on blood and nest scrambled ontop of their vains nbrains tread into strips of threads that have no rhyme or reason for their treason. And tree night grown in Rome and blood bone aGinKinda like how our book used to bee. Going down up, And wolves heads on Eyes in left to right waves of reaper dropn rusty repeatin’ formations circue’å lūså ’låüātin’Bal entå’thoomuriddiā rowså’DenExpect’sin In more unexpected and random with out number of known location or depth in your own voidAnd Spirit Souls only if Love that Watch & intervarious levels of yur’Hown’Ethïråum Reality. Visions of Friends in Faces you always star’felt pullin inBows towards you without Fear but Respect in One Two Self & Other No shame but only Frame in word to find your own truth and Empåth your way to Crown your Folly Found, with Magic in Circles a wild Whix Hands Fire Eyes. The Path Red Locks Paths to Woods where Lover Road in many words before to Voids that always listened & TAO Roses that hav’th always been Deadly in Poison Remedy for future spells to waves In Weaves that dimension dusts from all places lead to in generations of geometric formula & scents that Ancient only feel

Induå’dæ Lost Faces Ofth’ear Nightmares inReal’d-TimeWeavin Spirals Fire Falls’Lunå Drop. Left al’reDeema •No memories recorded of pain or lost paradigm only for Good & all that is what remains an w’holentity• Y’uth ʀʜᴇʟʟāǫᴜɪñ’ᴍᴇᴅɪāᴅᴏᴏᴍ ᏆᎳᎥᏁfᎪᏞᏞ 11’s ᎳᎥᏆhᎾuᏆ 3 •Do I even get the chance, tworepeat whathas beemsaid thusfar’Or doyou knowkeep?...So Wrapp in Lust & Silver Shell my Own’Cap Wit’empengraved Neon Letters in BlackBold Ålien Type’Word & Blood Audio on Impact. Of Time’Own DeathWolf sentforth t’yur SkullaDome CorpoGen Fallin’AngelCrystals EnCaseRoundWoodLock Yoot’emHeavens New Trees Of Olive & Rare Groove GoldWoodRead me’memå BlackTrigga •

Wed’inBurn Theirs’cards & eye’width Diamonds in bllkroundiea All evil lost on entry, their SkellaEndEight’hem Ball’d RippåpulledNSkulliScrapped’thung from highon’deck, but loowKey’d in their deep third seeing beaut’blk swandive from higher T’helmå, for breakt’ inmorn’Ring when We wakelow’hat-in and onaGin. When there own glass sands whilt I pour their own blood inTomb sealed watch for death;Own’Thyme bluw’sin;dustKeys across WhurlHex’in aswe drivepath direx two’take them to their Doomas My Compasš in their hands starts spinnin, lik’ Ⓐ Clock ©’left.

The only truth is music [ Sound ]
Thats why we like the
When the Om mantra is chanted the frequency of the vibrations is reaching to be 432Hz which happens to be the vibrational frequency of everything in the universe

I used to hit that frequency when I was relaxing in the acoustic sauna Domes on the magic island that has large amounts of Rose Quartz Crystal Deposits that the island itself sits upon deep in its [ soul soil iguess lulz ] .  So anyway, when you hit that fequency in the dome, it rattles yurh chest in a kinda sonic vibrator bumps kinda feeling, very healing especially when you still smoke as many cigs as i do in a kinda mortal rebellion kinda way huh lulz . .the Domes are set in a euphoric ambient atmosphere, wit’ fire pits and the stars, and Tea and natural food. I recomend it. and if you wanna know where the magic island is just ask >
And yurh, Rose Quartz It is called the Lovepain Stone, which helps overcome lost love and heart pain. It is a heart stone, good for the heart chakra and also for thromboses in the blood. It is a very good stone for satori generation and friends, because it protects their souls from negative things.

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in healing jewelry, as well as Feng Shui. It is famous for attracting and keeping love. Rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one's heart from pain and disappointment - which is great for mad angry artists like me who never stop trying to save the world with their soul, while many others do nothing. Witch... many of us in turn think is maddess.... to do nothing.. or even worse contribute to the destrution of the planet...

You know it’s like Buddaï said the even stones have contshoussness which makes sense - even at the science where stones reflect a vibration when you measure it, which is ^ consciousness in zen minimal kind of thinking

And you corporate sitting ducks who think corporate entities deserve as much rights as humans do by law, are you then suggesting that corporations have consciousness? Yurh know I kinda wanna believe that to because that’s kinda my plan, to meet with the Coca Cola corporate entity and plan your demise in the corporate Hell world you manifested years ago now - like back in the 40’s huh...
Ive already sealed the deal with that, with biggie and a canvas . . . cuz logos AV conshousnesso right even by corporate law so, sweet deal. im in. 

It’s strange that gold ring on your finger, you know there’s a connect to it I. Your mind to your wife, like a kind of alchemy takes place in your mind to it...
Do you understand now how your mind projects consciousness at the most basic level onintwo objects ?
While the wildest of good ones talk to trees... and the worst of burning as fuck evil men Do not even think about their wife... and the connection that ring will have to them when they die.

And songs like this make Folly Memes & Dogs think in riddles for pirates to sing about over moons in livewires.

The Opal Circles of Studio lam
Where Orchid sit on shelter rim
Pot’d from Starship Land Garden Path
Pluck’d like Harp after Moons to sit
& breathe drink with fine liqueena
as anarcats fink with do’genia
over matts & plaits whare to angel locks
whurlin dreams in ton folds

Fruits & Boots we sore two loots
Cherry tribes or Kiwi Vibes
The Cats laced in feather puffs
The Dogs rubed out marrow roughs
& Genie Rufubix Tubes twin’d in boxbows

The Road to Edens Heath
& Gin to Robin’s shoulder blade

Plucked your dream prose
While you were sleeping in it
As woke to see her looking into
Like the angel that guards your dreams

The Black Orchid 
& Flower Skull Pinky Prose
     for Monday’s Rose & Ring

The Orchards of Eden
Thorn & Many Folly Hearts
That blunted from Source
Still beat without an argument & free utero
Vines of threaded blood intertwine her Earth
Waiting for the intergiger twin to weave like wine
Surrounding them wild alien orchids & lotus
Lucid gardens painted by ainchent brush
The temple of center organ held in crown
Visited often by muse to find holy crews
Who wait in suspended archives on Earth
Their souls waiting to live in real life & Twine
The rest of Shell in vivid spirit like painting
Growing older as time on the soil ages
Layers of lifetimes & Akashic Records Spun
Playing notes from rare moon to fire suns  
Only the Heart is key to flame on reign sown
It speaks to lovers of journeys endless roads
The flowers that surround it circle and speak
To ainchent melodies and messages inthrow
Many antiquities lay before of lifetimes run
& maps that show å’souls rhyme to’know
The spirit garden loots with paradice bird
All in verse to describe lovers without curse
Fruits of knowledge grow in from high
Free to bees & wine to thyme at smoke eve’
Friends gather to dine at wisest of table
Many shape to fate, zen dreams easiest of
Family of best favour no anxiety of kind only
While lovers wonder where to take the story
In past from all to bee with in glory
And future to go back to in red rune
We all know what corporations sow’d, so the gods gave us death’s own deity keys often guarded by a Lotus Order who drink zen tea
in the Meddow never cut to forgive, crypton by wildest architech & typencode that wisest of programer learn advanced scriptio forms
May of gin to all bottles of the source from where it first flow’d
Rosetta, Orchidia & even rarest of Alien Black Widow & supernatural hybrid founda
who sing flute notes to the Hearts in techroma, hyperwake surf like skeletal deep spell
Awakening Prose wrappio in Angels of ribbon locketta recovered from the blackest wells
to walk agin & bee’ma sent’ea back with Artifacts, Holy Neon Fire from Future of Thymes’  

- the Hearts of Ages

Rintrah roars and shakes his fires in the burdened air;
Hungry clouds swag on the deep.

Once meek, and in a perilous path,
The just man kept his course along
The vale of death.
Roses are planted where thorns grow,
And on the barren heath
Sing the honey bees.

Then the perilous path was planted:
And a river and a spring
On every cliff and tomb;
And on the bleached bones
Red clay brought forth.

Till the villain left the paths of ease,
To walk in perilous paths, and drive
The just man into barren climes.

Now the sneaking serpent walks
In mild humility,
And the just man rages in the wilds
Where lions roam.

Rintrah roars and shakes his fires in the burdened air;
Hungry clouds swag on the deep.

from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
- Blake

I am a skeleton of many hearts
The explosions in posters that sung in dreams
Roses surround my bones like trees overgrown
in sidebows nezenium & sp’arrow deep slide marrow
Many stories start from here without fear
From Eden to Ships on oceans of dreams
And empty cities that a lights to neon writes
I have the stare in eyes skull to one side
As if frozen in tears when I lost my lovers
Hung on crosses & typed on wood
A bed of dust & dimensions of rust
Many faces come and go wanting to know
What happened to the earth to which we go
So many songs stream like deaths own harp
Lucid dreams surround my spark of ashes
And many wishes beem from oldest kisses
And thrown endless keys to wells of thyme
Blowing the wickedness away from my mind
So that many lover will never have to wait
Another day in paradice for Jewels & nights
while my dear beloved spells tell fortune
A best of wicka can cackle again to oracles
liquor sent from thrips & trips to splickor
That african sages love in heavens sevens
Where elephant Rome across my skull
longest of deserts where the sand of time
Never seems to end for biggest of hands
Homeless I stand boneless I would fall
I climb hand rhyming in silent plan & star
Told from forest of galaxy echo eternal lamp
Where legion of pirates once sung to compass
colours pointing to connection on her own
grown rows that sow in souls lands we plan’d
Where many desperate eyes used to follow
Into the depths of no mans lands in hope
To find new grass to plant seeds of ropes
And dream in locks of circles spun arms
Holding majestic flowers of deity in hands
Whispering purls of wisdom to thirds forth
Leaving messages of luck & notes of love
As many crew sing & solo knew like rye
Open water & vast land seeing ainchent
Visions we sang to keep our morning
& see in the dawning of new tradition ran

- The Void of Roses